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    China Post Track is an online package tracking service that helps you track deliveries from the Republic of China. It supports tracking for parcels from the most popular international and mail services, including China Post, China Post EMS, USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, and others. China Post provides tracking for various delivery services, such as "China Post Registered Air Mail," "China Post Small Packet Plus," "China Post EMS EUB ePacket," and more. Simply insert your parcel's tracking number to get detailed information on its current status with China Post.

    Package Tracking

    China Post Track as a simple way to track parcels

    Welcome to China Post Track, an online service for tracking international deliveries from China and other countries. Whether you purchased your product from an online store such as Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, Wish, Banggood, LightInTheBox, or SammyDress, we are here to help you track your parcel. Tracking deliveries from multiple online stores can be confusing, but with China Post Track, you only need to know the tracking number.

    China Post Track makes tracking your package easy with just one click. Simply enter the tracking number into the input field and press "TRACK." We automatically store your parcel in the parcel manager and identify the international postal carrier, providing you with detailed information about the movement of the parcel from the country of origin to the destination country.

    We do not limit the number of parcels that you can track. All of your parcels are stored in the left panel of our website and are accessible to you 24/7. You can also add multiple carriers to a single parcel for more detailed information on its status. You can also add a link to the product or store where you purchased it, and write notes or descriptions of the product you bought. If you encounter any difficulties with tracking your parcel, our team is here to assist you.

    Development of international shipment, reasons and consequences

    For the past few years, the number of parcels has been growing rapidly. The leaders in shipment are China Post, USPS, PostNL (Netherlands), and the British Royal Mail. These national post operators are followed by private firms, which are also increasing their volumes of correspondence delivery. The most popular private international carriers are DHL, FedEx, and UPS. The reason for this delivery boom is e-commerce. The growth of online trade has led to the globalization of the delivery market, allowing customers to buy products from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to their doorstep.

    Consumers today have different concerns compared to 10 years ago. They want to find a high-quality product at a low price, choose quick and inexpensive delivery, and manage and track their parcels. Mail operators and carriers are working to address the second concern by improving their services to keep up with the growth of e-commerce.

    The international shipment and logistics market is experiencing a boom in growth as new courier companies try to claim a share of the expanding delivery market. Experienced companies are adapting and adjusting to market trends and the increasing volume of deliveries, with a focus on reducing prices and delivery times. The era of monopolies in international shipment is coming to an end, and shortly, we can expect the creation and rapid growth of more technologically advanced companies that could potentially surpass the current leaders in delivery. This is good news for consumers as they will benefit from better quality service at a lower cost.

    Delivery companies that are unable to adapt to the rapidly growing market will be replaced by more competitive and promising carriers. The market is transforming, with some carriers leaving while others are trying to expand their influence in different parts of the world. There are also mergers, collaborations, and associations taking place, all of which lead to improved services for the end user.

    China Post as the leader in international shipment

    China Post is a world leader in international shipment and logistics, delivering the largest volume of parcels globally. To handle the large volume of packages, China Post invests in new technologies to streamline the processes of sorting, logistics, and delivery to its customers.

    As a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which brings together postal services from 192 countries, China Post is closely connected to the global transport network. The UPU agreement provides a framework for the exchange of international correspondence and sets single tariffs for international shipment, and also helps resolve disputes between members.

    China Post collaborates closely with postal services in other countries, especially in the USA, Great Britain, and Australia, to expand its logistics network and increase the volume of shipments. This collaboration focuses on reducing shipment time and tariffs, and China Post is always open to working with other delivery services to improve the quality of customer service.

    Influence of COVID-19 on parcel delivery from China

    At the end of 2019, mankind faced a new coronavirus disease COVID-19. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was very little information about the virus, its ways of spreading, and its influence on people, which caused panic in the sphere of international shipment. The People’s Republic of China, being the source of the spreading of the virus, introduces efficient quarantine measures to fight the virus. Informing people about the ways of spreading, symptoms, and means of prevention of this disease made it possible to decrease panic mood among the population.

    The number of packages was reduced during the peak period of the pandemic. People were concerned that they might be able to contact the coronavirus from packages and stopped using delivery services. The second negative factor is delays in parcel delivery in sorting centers and at customs because of quarantine measures. Post offices restricted reception and delivery of parcels, and offices in the quarantine zones were temporarily closed, which also hurt shipment terms. The third factor that decreased the volume of package delivery from China is closing down online stores for the quarantine period and making it impossible to send goods because of disruption in the work of post offices.

    Eventually, the virus has been studied in detail. Possibilities to contract the disease via packages haven’t been proven scientifically. As a result, people stopped being concerned to receive and send parcels. Whole countries and separate cities started going out of quarantine. Transport flows started to restore, which made it possible to return to the usual schedule of people’s lives and the global system of international shipment. By the end of 2020, there appeared vaccines against the coronavirus. Many countries started their national programs for vaccinating their population. This factor has also had a positive effect on the transportation market.

    The years 2020 – 2023 have become very difficult for the whole branch of e-commerce and this has had its impact on international postal delivery. Not all shipping companies will be able to get over the recession caused by COVID-19. But there are some positive effects of the crisis. The market will be filled by more professional and flexible carriers that will be able to adjust to the current situation.

    International Carriers and Postal Services

    International carriers and postal services play a vital role in the global shipping and logistics industry. They facilitate the exchange of goods and correspondences between different countries and provide consumers with fast and reliable delivery services. With the rise of e-commerce and globalization, the demand for international shipping has increased significantly, resulting in a boom in the number of carriers and postal services. These organizations are constantly improving their services to meet the growing demand and provide customers with a seamless shipping experience. Some of the well-known international carriers include DHL, FedEx, UPS, and China Post, while the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is the main organization that brings together postal services from 192 countries to regulate and simplify international shipment. International carriers and postal services are the backbone of global trade and commerce, connecting people and businesses from all over the world.

    Tips for users and FAQ

    What actions can I take if my package shipped via China Post is delayed in customs?

    If your China Post package is being held up in customs, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue. Here are some suggestions:

    • Check the tracking information: Before you take any further steps, it's a good idea to check the tracking information for your package to see what the current status is. This will give you a better understanding of where your package is and why it's being held up in customs.

    • Check the customs regulations: Different countries have different customs regulations, so it's important to check the regulations for the country where your package is being held up to see what the requirements are. You can typically find this information on the customs department's website.

    • Contact China Post: If you're having trouble understanding the customs regulations or if your package has been held up in customs for an extended period of time, it may be a good idea to contact China Post for assistance. They should be able to provide you with more information about your package and why it's being held up in customs.

    • Contact the customs department: If you're still having trouble resolving the issue, you can try contacting the customs department directly. They should be able to give you more information about why your package is being held up and what you need to do to get it released.

    • Check for any additional fees: Sometimes packages may be held up in customs because some additional fees or taxes need to be paid. If this is the case, you'll need to pay these fees in order to get your package released.

    • Be patient: Customs hold-ups can be frustrating, but it's important to be patient and to follow the proper steps to resolve the issue. With time and a little bit of effort, you should be able to get your package released from customs and on its way to you.

    What steps should I take if I received an unexpected package from China?

    If you have received a package from China that you did not order, you may be feeling puzzled and unsure of what to do. Here are a few steps you can take to figure out what's going on:

    • Recheck your online purchases to see if you forgot about ordering the package.
    • Ask other family members you live with if they ordered anything.
    • Contact the delivery service to find out the exact address and recipient listed on the package.
    • Check the sender's information to see if you can recognize the name or address.

    It's possible that even though the address and your name match, you still did not order the package. This could be because you made an online purchase in the past, and your information was kept by the seller. They may have sent you a promotional product as a reminder of their store.

    In the competitive world of e-commerce, especially on Chinese websites like Aliexpress, stores go to great lengths to promote their brand and products. One way they do this is by getting positive reviews and ratings. To evaluate the product and seller, customers need to make a purchase and leave a rating. However, some less successful stores may cheat the system by creating fake accounts to buy their own products and send them as gifts. They often use the cheap ePacket delivery service from China Post. The goal is to get positive ratings for the product and seller, which will boost the store's ranking on the website and increase sales.

    If you're sure you didn't order the goods, it's best not to accept the package. After the storage period has expired, it will be returned to the sender.

    What should I do if my parcel is not being tracked in the destination country?

    China Post has a cost-effective parcel option that cannot be tracked in the destination country. This can cause confusion and frustration as the parcel's status may not be updated for an extended period while it is still in China. If you are experiencing difficulties locating your package, there are several steps you can take to get more information.

    • Verify the tracking number format. It should be in the format of ##*********CN (e.g. LZ719363085CN).
    • Try to track the package through your local postal operator, such as USPS in the US or Canada Post in Canada.
    • Stay in communication with the sender or seller to understand any issues with the delivery.
    • If you purchased from an online store, familiarize yourself with their delivery, return, and compensation policies. Know the guaranteed delivery time, and if it has passed, consider initiating a refund or requesting a new product to be sent.
    • Research the average delivery time of goods through China Post by visiting their website and finding your country in the "Delivery time for the carrier China Post" section. Keep in mind that this is an average value, so don't panic if your package exceeds this time frame.
    • If the delivery time has passed, consider claiming compensation from the online store. If the process is delayed, reach out to the payment system or bank to cancel the transaction and receive a refund.

    It can be discouraging to not know the whereabouts of your package, but try to remain patient. While delays and lost packages can occur, it's not common occurrence. By following these steps, you can better understand the situation and make informed decisions. In the future, consider choosing a parcel option that allows for tracking to avoid similar situations.


    Why isn't my package from China being tracked by the USPS?

    If you are expecting a parcel from China and your country of destination is the United States, you will typically receive the parcel either at your nearest United States Postal Service (USPS) office or delivered to your door. However, not all parcels are tracked by USPS. This happens because some types of China Post mail do not support tracking in the destination country. The "China Post Ordinary Small Parcel" and "China Post Direct Xpress Mail" are the cheapest parcel types, and therefore, no tracking is available. If the tracking number starts with "A" (A#*********CN) or "U" (U#*********CN), these types of shipments are not tracked by USPS.

    In this case, you should simply wait for the package to arrive. If you have not received the parcel after the period specified by the online store, it is advisable to open a dispute and demand a refund. For example, on Aliexpress, this period is approximately 60 days. If you do not receive the goods, you will be compensated for all monetary costs or they will send another package.

    How can I track a parcel sent through China Post?

    To track your parcel from an online store purchase, you should have been provided with a tracking number by the seller. This number serves as a unique identifier for your package. To find out the location and status of your parcel, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the "China Post Tracking"
    2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel in the input field
    3. Click the "Track" button

    After following these steps, you should be able to see updated information about the movement of your package in a short amount of time.

    Why is my parcel being tracked by multiple postal services?

    International package delivery involves the transportation of a parcel from the country of origin to the country of destination. The parcel typically passes through two postal services. For example, if you live in the United States and are expecting a package from China sent by China Post, the American postal service, USPS, will deliver the package to you. A similar process occurs in other countries. For instance, if a package from Canada is being shipped to Australia, it will be handled by two carriers: Canada Post and Australia Post.

    In some cases, the postal service in the country of destination may redirect the delivery to another carrier within the country, resulting in three or more shipping companies handling a single package. Keep an eye on updates regarding the movement of the parcel to stay informed.

    How do I modify the delivery address for my package?

    If the sender made a mistake in entering the recipient's address, according to postal service guidelines, the address cannot be changed, and the parcel will be returned to the sender when the storage time expires. The recipient usually becomes aware of the incorrect address after the parcel has arrived in the destination country, and the postal operator is unable to find the delivery address. This will result in a corresponding warning in the parcel tracking messages.

    If you are the recipient, here's what you should do in this situation:

    1. Contact the local post office and inquire about the possibility of changing the delivery address.
    2. Identify yourself as the recipient by providing the parcel's tracking number, information about the sender, your full name, phone number, and precise address.
    3. If your identification is approved, you may be able to change the delivery address to your own and schedule the delivery. Some operators may charge additional fees for this service.
    4. If changing the address is not an option with your shipping company, or if you are unable to prove that you are the recipient, you may have to wait until the parcel is returned to the sender and ask them to send it again to the correct address. This is a reasonable course of action if the package is valuable. However, if the purchased product is not expensive and you need it urgently, it may be easier to purchase it again and request a refund from the seller while returning the parcel.

    If you are the sender and have sent a parcel to the wrong address, find out the location of the parcel in the postal service. If the parcel is still at the post office or a local sorting center and has not yet been sent on its route, you may be able to change the parcel's address. Clarify all available options at the post office.

    Why is my parcel not being tracked using the provided tracking number?

    If your parcel is not found, there can be several reasons.

    • You insert the wrong tracking number;
    • Your package hasn’t been registered in the tracking system yet.

    If your parcel cannot be tracked, there could be a few reasons.

    1. You may have entered the wrong tracking number.
    2. Your package may not have been registered in the tracking system yet.

    To resolve the issue, first, check the accuracy of the tracking number for your package. The tracking number is formatted according to the UPU S10 standard, which consists of:

    • 2 letters: Prefix (type of delivery)
    • 8 digits: Package number
    • 1 digit: Verification code for the package number
    • 2 letters: Suffix (code of the country of origin)

    For example, EB735462841CN, where EB represents express delivery, 73546284 is the package number, 1 is the verification code, and CN is the code for China (China Post).

    People often mistake the letter "O" for the digit "0" or the letter "I" for the digit "1" in the prefix of the tracking number, so be careful when entering the number.

    If your package has not been registered yet, wait and check back later. If it has not been tracked within 5 days, contact the seller or sender immediately to double-check the tracking number. You may have been provided with a fake tracking number by a fraudster. If this is the case, inform the administrator of the online store and try to get a refund through the payment system.

    What should I do if the tracking information for my China Post parcel has not been updated for an extended period of time?

    International parcel shipment involves the following stages:

    • Receipt and registration of the parcel
    • Transport of the parcel to the sorting center in the country of origin
    • Exportation of the parcel
    • Air transportation to the country of destination
    • Import of the parcel
    • Movement of the parcel to the sorting center in the country of destination
    • Delivery of the parcel to the final destination
    • Delivery of the parcel to the recipient.

    Note: There may be additional stages involved in the actual process, as the scheme is not always straightforward. Every stage is recorded in the parcel's status and some time is required to move on to the next stage. For example, the export process may take longer due to heavy workload at customs or other factors. Air transportation also involves loading, unloading, and the scheduling of flights. If the parcel's status hasn't been updated for a few days, it is recommended to wait and check again. If the parcel has not been delivered within 60 days, it is advisable to contact the shipping company and the seller. Some online stores have policies in place to provide refunds for lost packages, for example, Aliexpress offers refunds for undelivered parcels after 60 days.

    What is the estimated delivery time for a package from China?

    The delivery time depends on various factors, including the country of origin, the destination country, and the type of delivery selected. Shipment is generally quicker in more developed countries with well-established logistics routes, such as the USA, which is a priority destination for China Post. Express delivery is typically faster than regular mail, and the distance between countries also affects delivery time, with longer distances resulting in longer delivery times due to the need to go through more postal hubs.

    To find out the average delivery time for a parcel on the China Post Track page:

    1. Go to the China Post Tracking page.
    2. In the "Average Delivery Time" section, locate the destination country, and the average time will be displayed in days based on previous delivery statistics.

    Keep in mind that the average time is just an estimate and may vary. If your parcel hasn't been delivered within 60 days, you should contact the online store and request a refund for the lost item.

    Which local carrier is responsible for delivering China Post packages in my area?

    International delivery refers to the process of sending a parcel from one country to another. The Chinese postal service provider is China Post, but the shipping company responsible for delivering your parcel to your destination country may not always be clear.

    As per the agreement of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), national postal services or carriers that are responsible for postal services in the destination country receive international parcels and deliver them to the recipient. For example, if you reside in the USA, your parcel will be delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS), if you reside in Australia, it will be delivered by Australia Post, in Great Britain, it will be delivered by Royal Mail, and in Singapore, it will be delivered by Sing Post.

    The shipping company may vary for express parcels and regular international packages. To determine which carrier will deliver your parcel, you should know the type of parcel. Regular packages will be delivered by the national mail service, whereas for express delivery, you can find information about the carrier in the EMS list of shipping companies in your country.

    Alternatively, you can contact China Post Track & Trace, and they will identify all carriers involved in the delivery of your parcel.

    Which type of China Post delivery is best for me? Should I choose express or standard delivery?

    When purchasing goods from Chinese online stores, you have the option to choose the type of shipment. China Post offers several international delivery options, including express delivery and regular air mail. Express delivery is faster, but it also comes with a higher cost. Some online platforms cover the cost of regular delivery or include it in the price of the product (e.g. Aliexpress). The user may not even be aware of this as it is cost-effective. So, which option to choose? We recommend choosing express delivery if

    • Timeliness and speed of delivery are important
    • Tracking of the parcel is important
    • The product is expensive or valuable

    For all other cases, it is more cost-effective to choose a cheaper delivery method.

    How can I verify that my China Post tracking number is authentic?

    The ideal scenario for a buyer when purchasing a product online is to receive it promptly. Unfortunately, many scammers in e-commerce take advantage of customers' trust and deceive them by not sending the parcel. They can provide fake tracking numbers to mislead customers into thinking that the parcel is on its way. While the customer is waiting for the parcel and tracking its movement, the scammers may close their online store.

    Several signs indicate a fake tracking number:

    1. The parcel cannot be tracked (incorrect format of the tracking number);
    2. The date of movement of the parcel is different from the date of purchase (e.g. if you purchased the product on February 14th, but the parcel started moving on February 12th, which is earlier than the purchase date);
    3. The parcel is headed to a different country or region.

    To avoid falling victim to this type of scam, it's important to check the format of the tracking numbers for international packages.