Parcel Tracker & Manager

    A universal system for tracking and managing parcels in one place. Now, you have an online assistant searching and managing orders from the most popular online marketplaces and more than 600 postal and logistics carriers worldwide.

    Package Tracking

    Are you waiting for a parcel?

    This is important information for those waiting for a parcel or facing a problem with the shipment.

    Workflow & Planning with China Post Track

    When you purchase a product from an online store, the seller sends the item to you via various transport companies. Ideally, the courier delivers the package on time, completing the online shopping process seamlessly.

    However, what happens if there's an issue? Where do you start searching for your package? Who do you contact to resolve delivery problems? How can you streamline the buying process and stay informed about your package's location? China Post Track is a universal tracking and package management system designed to address these concerns.

    This online service will help you organize the process from product selection to delivery. You will be constantly updated on the movement of your packages, regardless of the marketplace or carrier used. The tracker provides the latest accurate information on the status of different couriers and assists in resolving transportation issues. A unique scam activity detection system alerts you to potential fraud if you and other users track the package. This system protects you from fraudsters exploiting buyers' trust. Start using our tracking and package management system to experience its advantages over competitors.

    Track Shipments from Transport Companies

    FAQ about China Post Track

    What is China Post Track?

    China Post Track is a universal parcel tracking and management system. We are an information service providing up-to-date data on the location of parcels by tracking number. The name "China Post Track" is associated with the fact that initially, our service helped track parcels delivered by China Post from China. However, we are not standing still and are developing and supporting more than 600 postal and logistics companies.

    Who is China Post Track for?

    Our service will be an invaluable assistant for those who want to optimize processes related to a large number of parcels, systematize all their purchases, and always be aware of current information about the movement of parcels.

    You must track each item separately on the store's websites or carriers if you are an active online shopper. This can be not easy because you must remember all the parcels' website addresses and tracking numbers. If you have a lot of parcels, their tracking can become a real challenge. In this case, our parcel tracking and management system will be indispensable. We provide the ability to store unlimited tracking numbers of all your parcels with quick access to information about them in one click without registration and subscription.

    Why do Customers Choose Us?

    • We automatically determine the carrier of the parcel by the tracking number;
    • We provide the parcel's movement status from the official carrier's websites;
    • We store all your tracking numbers for quick access to them on your next visit to the site;
    • We translate the tracking data on the parcel's movement into more than 80 languages;
    • We provide the carrier's contact details for quick communication with them.

    How Does China Post Track Work?

    Everything starts with entering the tracking number of the parcel. Our recognition algorithm identifies the shipper associated with your parcel. The number of carriers can be more than one, as we strive to consider all possible tracking options and provide you with a complete picture of the movement from different sources. The current tracking number is saved in the parcel manager for quick access. Click on the parcel icon to see all your saved tracking numbers. If you want to track the parcel and get current data from the courier, click on the tracking number in the parcel manager. If you have already received the parcel or no longer need to track it, click on the cross next to the tracking number to remove it from the parcel manager.

    Do You Have a Problem With the Parcel? Don't Know What to Do?

    Parcel delivery is a complex, multi-stage process, and no one is immune from problems, especially with international shipping. We have extensive experience in parcel tracking since 2014 and have encountered many problem situations on the part of our customers. In the help section, we have collected important information and solutions related to delivery. If you don't find your case, you can always write to us, and we will try to help you.

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