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    China Post Track is an online-tracker of packages that helps track delivery from the Republic of China. We track parcels of the most popular international and mail services: China Post, China Post EMS, USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. China Post supports tracking of “China Post Registered Air Mail", "China Post Small Packet Plus", "China Post EMS EUB ePacket" and other types of delivery. Insert the tracking number of the parcel and get comprehensive information about the status of the parcel from China Post.

    Package Tracking

    China Post Track as a simple way to track parcels

    Welcome to China Post Track, an online service of tracking international delivery from China and other countries. No matter where you have bought the product, in which online store - Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, Wish, Banggood, LightInTheBox or SammyDress, we will help you track any parcel. If you have made your purchases in different online stores, you need to remember what the store was, where to track the parcel, on which website, from which carrier and many other things that make a buyer’s life difficult.

    We offer you to simplify the process of delivery tracking and management. You need to know only the tracking number. China Post Track helps track packages in one click, just insert the tracking number in the input field and press TRACK. We automatically save your parcel in the parcel manager, identify international post carriers and prepare detailed information about the movement of the parcel from the country of consignment to the country of destination.

    We don’t restrict our clients as for the number of parcels. All your parcels are kept in the left panel of the website and you have access to them 24/7. You can add several carriers to one parcel, which makes it possible to get more detailed information about its status. You can add a link to the product or to the store, where you have bought it, to every parcel. You can also write your notes about the parcel or the description of the product you have bought. If you have difficulties in tracking the parcel, we will be glad to help you.

    Development of international shipment, reasons and consequences

    For the last years the number of parcels has been growing exponentially. The leaders in shipment are China Post, USPS, PostNL (Netherlands), British Royal Mail. National post operators are followed by private firms, which are also increasing the volumes of correspondence delivery. The most popular private international carriers are DHL, FedEx, UPS. What is the reason of such delivery boom in recent time? The answer is simple - e-commerce. The development of online trade has led to globalization of the delivery market. If you want to buy a product from China, you don’t need to go there yourself. You can buy it online in any part of the world and order home delivery.

    The product itself is not a problem nowadays. There is no shortage of goods. Consumers currently have absolutely different issues compared to problems 10 years ago. What concerns do customers have now?

    • To choose a high quality product at a low price;
    • To choose quick inexpensive delivery; 
    • To manage and track parcels. 

    Mail operators and carriers deal with the solution of the second problem and improve their services to keep up with the development of e-commerce and its growing volume.

    What happens in the market of international shipment and logistics? There is booming growth of new courier companies in attempt to conquer a part of the growing delivery market. Experienced companies adapt and adjust to market tendencies and to increase of delivery volume. Reduction of the price and decrease of delivery time have become the main targets for delivery services. The time of monopolies on international shipment is finishing. In the nearest future we can expect creation and quick growth of new, more technological companies, which can drive out the current leaders of delivery. What does it give to the end user? The benefit for the consumer is really substantial. Everybody wants to have best quality service at the minimal price.

    What will happen to the delivery companies that will not be able to adapt to the quickly growing market? They will be replaced by more competitive and perspective carriers. Now we can see the ongoing reformation of the market, some carriers are leaving the market, others are trying to expand their influence in different areas of the world. There happen mergers, collaboration, associations. The main thing is that all these changes lead to the improvement of services for the end user.

    China Post as the leader of international shipment

    China Post is the leader of international shipment and logistics. As for the number of delivered parcels it is the busiest mail service of the world. To manage a big flow of packages, China Post introduces new technologies that help optimize processes of sorting, logistics and delivery of parcels to the end user.

    China Post is closely integrated in the global transport network. This postal service is a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which unites almost all world mail services (192 countries). The members of the Postal Union have signed an agreement which regulates issues to simplify the exchange of international correspondence and establish single tariffs for international shipment. Disputed issues among the members of the union are also resolved within this agreement.

    China Post closely cooperates with mail operators of other countries and opens new logistics directions to increase the volume of shipment. Priority directions for development are the USA, Great Britain, Australia. The number of packages delivered from these countries is increasing year by year. This cooperation is aimed at decrease of shipment time and reduction of tariffs. China Post is open for cooperation with delivery services of other countries and always does its best to improve the quality of customer service.

    Influence of COVID-19 on parcel delivery from China

    In the end of 2019 mankind faced a new coronavirus disease COVID-19. In the beginning of the pandemic, there was very little information about the virus, its ways of spreading, its influence on people, which caused panic in the sphere of international shipment. The People’s Republic of China, being the source of spreading for the virus, introduces efficient quarantine measures to fight the virus. Informing people about the ways of spreading, symptoms and means of prevention of this disease made it possible to decrease panic mood among the population.

    The number of packages reduced during the peak period of the pandemic. People were concerned that they might be able to contract the coronavirus from packages and stopped using delivery services. The second negative factor is delays in parcel delivery in sorting centers and at the customs because of quarantine measures. Post offices restricted reception and delivery of parcels, offices in the quarantine zones were temporary closed, which also had its negative impact on shipment terms. The third factor that decreased the volume of package delivery from China is closing down online stores for the quarantine period and making it impossible to send goods because of disruption in the work of post offices.

    Eventually, the virus has been studied in detail. Possibilities to contract the disease via packages haven’t been proved scientifically. As a result, people stopped being concerned to receive and send parcels. Whole countries and separate cities started going out of the quarantine. Transport flows started to restore, which made it possible to return to the usual schedule of people’s lives and the global system of international shipment. By the end of 2020 there appeared vaccines against the coronavirus. Many countries started their national programs of vaccinating their population. This factor has also had a positive effect on the transportation market.

    Years 2020 – 2021 have become very difficult for the whole branch of e-commerce and this has had its impact on international postal delivery. Not all shipment companies will be able to get over the recession caused by COVID-19. But there are some positive effects of the crisis. The market will be filled by more professional and flexible carriers that will be able to adjust to the current situation.

    International and postal carriers

    You have lost your parcel or you can’t track it? We help find and track packages bought in Chinese online stores. Use China Post Track to track international packages sent from the People’s Republic of China and other countries. We are able to track one parcel from several carriers. We have gathered comprehensive information on all shipping companies in one place. Our phone number, e-mail and courier’s website are always available in our directory.

    Tips for users and FAQ

    I received a parcel that I did not order, what should I do?

    If you received a package from China, but you did not order it. This is unexpected for you, but how can this happen and what to do in this situation.

    • Recheck all your online purchases, maybe you forgot;
    • Ask other family members with whom you live if they ordered anything;
    • Check with the delivery service for the exact address and who the recipient is;
    • Specify who the sender is, can the name and address remind you of the parcel.

    If the address and your name match but you are not waiting for the package, it is possible that you have already bought online and your data remained with the seller and you were sent promotional products to remind you about the product or store.

    Nowadays in the world of e-commerce it is very difficult to compete with many of the same type of goods. Online stores operating on Chinese sites, such as Aliexpress, strongly compete with each other. To promote their brand and product, they need positive reviews and ratings. In order to evaluate the product and the seller, you need to buy the product, and upon the receipt of it, you can put an assessment. In order to deceive the algorithm for issuing goods in the search for a store, less successful stores buy goods from themselves on behalf of other people (fake accounts registered on your behalf) and send a parcel with trifles. Usually scammers use the cheap ePacket type from China Post. Why is it important for them to send a real package? The fact is that trading networks check and track parcels by tracking number. After the parcel is delivered, it is possible to set a rating for the product and the seller. The store algorithm evaluates the number of positive ratings and the total number of items sold and raises the store in the search results. Which in turn increases the sales and earnings of the store.

    If you are sure that you did not order the goods, then we advise you not to take the parcel. After the expiration of the storage time, it will be sent back to the addressee.

    What should I do if the parcel is not tracked in the destination country?

    China Post has a cheap type of parcel that cannot be tracked in the destination country. You can see the status of the parcel without being updated for a long time and the parcel is in China. What steps do you need to take to find out where your package is?

    • Please check that the tracking number format is the same as for China Post. The format should be ##*********CN (For example: LZ719363085CN);
    • Try to track the package with your local postal operator. For example, for the USA it is USPS, for Canada it is Canada Post;
    • Always be in dialogue with the sender of the parcel or the seller about the delivery and what difficulties we encountered;
    • If you bought a product in an online store, then read the rules of delivery, return of goods and compensation for lost goods. It is important to know the guaranteed delivery time. If this period has expired, then you can start the procedure for a refund or require the sending of another product.
    • Find out the average delivery time of the goods by the carrier. To do this, you need to go to the China Post page and find your country in the "Delivery time for the carrier China Post" section. Delivery time is an average value and do not panic if your package has exceeded this time;
    • After the delivery time has expired, you must claim compensation from the online store. If the procedure is delayed, then we advise you to contact the payment system or the bank to cancel the transaction and return the money to you.

    It's hard to realize that you don't know where your package is. But be patient. Possible delays and lost parcels, but the probability of such a case is not very big. In any case, these actions above will help you understand the situation and make the right decision. In the future, in order not to get into such situations, order delivery with the ability to track the parcel. Such a parcel may be more expensive, but you can be more informed about the status of the shipment.


    Why is my package from China not being tracked by USPS?

    If you are expecting a parcel from China and your country of destination is the United States, you will receive the parcel at your nearest USPS office or the parcel will be delivered to your door. But not all parcels are tracked in USPS. Why does this happen and what to do in this case?

    Some types of china post mail does not support destination country tracking. "China Post Ordinary Small Parcel" and "China Post Direct Xpress Mail" are the cheapest parcel types and therefore no tracking is available. If the tracking number starts with A (A#*********CN) or U (U#*********CN), these types of shipments are not tracked in USPS. 

    You just need to wait for the package. If you have not received the parcel for more than the period specified in the online store, then we advise you to open a dispute and demand a refund. For example, for Aliexpress, this period is about 60 days. If you do not receive the goods, then you will be compensated for all monetary costs or they will send it again.

    How can I track a parcel of China Post?

    If you have bought a product in an online store, you should have a tracking number from the seller. This unique number identifies the package. While using this number you will be able to find out the location of your parcel. In order to track the parcel and identify its status, you should follow the link Track & Trace China Post, insert the tracking number of you parcel in the input field and press the button Track. In some time you will see full information about the movement of your package.

    Why is my parcel tracked by several mail operators?

    International packages delivery from the country of consignment to the country of destination. A parcel is usually registered in two post services. For example, you live in the USA and you are waiting for a package from China sent by China Post. American postal service – USPS - will deliver the parcel to you. The same principle works for other countries. E.g. a package from Canada is being shipped to Australia. There will be two carriers for this parcel – Canada Post and Australia Post.

    It is possible for the postal service of the country of destination to redirect delivery to another carrier inside the country. In this case there can be 3 and more shipping companies for one package. Follow the information in messages about the parcel’s movement.

    How can I change the address of the parcel recipient?

    If the sender has made a mistake and pointed out the recipient’s address incorrectly, then, according to the instructions, postal services can’t change the address, and the parcel will be sent back to the sender when storage time expires. The recipient usually finds out about the incorrect address when the parcel has already reached the country of destination, and the postal operator can’t find the address of delivery. There appears a corresponding warning in the messages about the parcel tracking.!!! What should the addressee do in this situation:

    1. Address the local post office and clarify the possibility to change the delivery address;
    2. Identify yourself as the recipient (report the tracking number of the parcel, information about the sender, your own full name, phone number and precise address);
    3. Change the address (if your identification has been approved, you will be able to change the delivery address to your address and plan the delivery. Some operators can charge additional fees for this service).

    If this service is not available with your shipping company, or you failed to prove that you were the recipient of the parcel, wait until it returns to the sender and ask them to send it again to the correct address. Of course, it is reasonable if the package is valuable. But if the purchased product is not expensive, and you need it urgently, it will be easier to buy it again and ask the seller to give the refund while returning the parcel.

    If you are a sender and you have sent a parcel to the wrong address, clarify the location of the parcel in the postal service. If the parcel is still in the post office or a local sorting center and hasn’t been sent to its itinerary, you might be able to change the parcel’s address. Clarify all possible options at the post office.

    Why can’t I track the parcel by the tracking number?

    If your parcel is not found, there can be several reasons.

    • You insert the wrong tracking number;
    • Your package hasn’t been registered in the tracking system yet.

    Check the correctness of the tracking number of your package.

    The tracking number is formed according to UPU S10 standard.

    • 2 letters – prefix (type of delivery)
    • 8 digits – number of the parcel
    • 1 digit – verification code of the number of the parcel
    • 2 letters – suffix (code of the country of consignment)

    E.g.:  EB735462841CN, EB – express delivery, 73546284 - number of the parcel, 1 - verification code, CN - code of China (China Post) People can often confuse letter O with digit 0 or letter I with digit 1 in two symbols in the prefix of the tracking number. Be attentive when writing the number of the parcel.

    If your package hasn’t been registered yet, you need to check it later. If the parcel is not tracked within more than 5 days, address the seller or the sender urgently and check the number of the parcel once again. There is a possibility to be deceived by swindlers, who can send you a fake tracking number. In this case you ought to inform the administrator of the online store about the issue and try to get your money back through the payment system.

    What can I do if the status of China Post parcel hasn’t been updated for a long time?

    An international parcel goes though the following stages on its way:

    • Receiving and registration of the parcel;
    • Transporting of the parcel to the sorting center of the country of consignment;
    • Exporting the parcel;
    • Air transportation to the country of destination;
    • Importing the parcel;
    • Moving the parcel to the sorting center of the country of destination;
    • Delivery of the parcel to the point of destination;
    • Delivery of the parcel to the addressee. In reality there are more stages in movement, and the real scheme is not that simple.

    Every stage is recorded in the parcel’s status, and you need some time to move to the next stage. For example, exporting of the parcel can last long because of big workload at the customs or other factors. Air transportation occurs not at once, there are many packages which need to be brought, loaded and unloaded. There is also a time-table of flights, which also follow the schedule. You shouldn’t worry if the status of the parcel hasn’t been updated for a few days, wait a while and check the status again. If you parcel hasn’t been delivered within 60 days, we advise you to contact the shipping company and the seller. Some online stores assume such cases and return money for lost packages. E.g. you can complain to Aliexpress after 60 days and get a refund for the parcel you didn’t receive.

    How long will it take to deliver a package from China?

    Delivery time depends on the country of travel, the country of destination and the selected delivery type. Shipment will be quicker for the directions which are more developed and not overloaded. For example, the priority direction for China Post is the USA, where there are a lot of logistic routes, which allows to deliver packages without delay. The second factor is the type of the parcel. If you use express delivery, it is obvious that this type of delivery is quicker than usual mail. The distance between countries also matters. The bigger the distance, the more postal hubs the parcel will go through and the longer delivery will take.

    How to find out average travel time for the parcel on China Post Track website:

    1. Go to the page China Post
    2. In the section average delivery time find the country of destination (the average time is shown in days according to the statistics of previously delivered packages).

    If the delivery time of your parcel takes longer than it is written, don’t panic and worry – it is the average figure which can be bigger or smaller. But if your package hasn’t been delivered to you within 60 days, we advise you to complain to the online store and demand a refund for the lost item.

    Which local carrier delivers China Post packages?

    International delivery means that a parcel is sent from one country to another. Chinese postal service is China Post, but it is not always clear which shipping company receives your parcel in your country and who will deliver it.

    According to the agreement of Universal Post Union (UPU), national post offices or carriers that are responsible for postal services in the country receive international packages and deliver them to the recipient. Thus, if you live in the USA, your parcel will be delivered by USPS, if you live in Australia - by Australia Post, Great Britain – by Royal Mail, Singapore – by Sing Post.

    Shipping companies can be different for express parcels and for usual international packages. In order to find out which carrier will deliver your parcel, you should know the parcel’s type. Usual packages will be delivered by national mail service. If it is express delivery, you may find out information about the carrier in the EMS list of shipping companies in your country.

    Otherwise, you may contact China Post Track & Trace, and we will identify all carriers who deal with your parcel.

    Which type of China Post delivery should I choose? Which delivery type is better: express or usual?

    When buying goods in Chinese online stores, you are able to choose or order the type of shipment. China Post offers a few international delivery types, such as express delivery and usual air mail. Obviously, express delivery is quicker, but its cost is higher. Some online platforms either pay for the usual delivery themselves or include its cost in the price of the product (e.g. Aliexpress). Users even may not know about it because such type of delivery is cost-efficient. So, which type to choose? We advise to choose express delivery in case:

    • It is important to deliver the product quickly and on time
    • It is important to track the parcel
    • The product is expensive and valuable

    In all other cases it is reasonable to use a cheaper means of shipment.

    How can I know that my tracking number is not fake?

    The ideal scenario for a buyer is to purchase a product online and receive it on time. But there are a lot of swindlers in e-commerce, who use the trust of customers and deceive them by not sending the parcel. They can give fake tracking numbers to customers in order to mislead them. While you are waiting for your parcel and tracking its movement, swindlers can close their online store.

    Signs of fake tracking numbers:

    • Your parcel can’t be tracked (wrong format of the tracking number);
    • The parcel’s date of start of movement is different from the date of purchase (e.g. you bought a product on February 14, bur the parcel started its movement from February 12, i.e. earlier than you purchased it);
    • The parcel goes to a different country or a different region.

    Check the format of tracking numbers of international packages.