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    How Can I Find the Origin And Destination Carriers of a Postal Parcel?

    How Can I Find the Origin And Destination Carriers of a Postal Parcel?

    Are you expecting an international parcel and only have the tracking number? Based on this number, let's figure out who the carrier is.

    For postal operators that are part of the UPU Union, all delivery mechanisms are regulated by the agreement. Each postal operator is responsible for the package within their country, and once the shipment arrives in the recipient's country, it falls under the control of the local post office. Effective interaction between two postal services (origin and destination carriers) ensures timely package delivery. The tracking number for the sender and the recipient will be the same.

    How do we determine the origin carrier by tracking number?

    In the tracking numbers help section, we mentioned the UPU S10 format. The official UPU website provides more details about this format. To solve our task, we need to know the general format of the number.


    XX is a prefix of 2 letters, # is a digit, and YY is a suffix of 2 letters. If your tracking number matches this format, the postal operator generated this tracking number. Please pay attention to the YY suffix; we will determine the sender's country and the corresponding carrier using this suffix. According to the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard, the suffix corresponds to the two-letter country code. In the table below, we have listed the main countries and postal operators that correspond to each.

    SuffixCountryOrigin Carrier
    USUnited StateUSPS
    UKUnited KingdomRoyal Mail Group
    CNChinaChina Post
    CACanadaCanada Post
    AUAustraliaAustralia Post
    DEGermanyDeutsche Post
    SGSingaporeSingapore Post
    FRFranceLa Poste

    You can find a full list of union participants on the official UPU website. Let's go through a few examples to assimilate better the information received. For example, tracking numbers

    • CQ062355471US - suffix US, corresponds to USPS - this is the origin carrier.
    • AT308916683CN - suffix CN, corresponds to China Post - this is the origin carrier.
    • SP472847658GB - suffix GB, corresponds to Royal Mail Group - this is the origin carrier.

    How do we determine the destination carrier by tracking number?

    The second method you can use to get full information about the sender and recipient is to track a package by its tracking number on our website. With our service, you don't have to look for matches in tables on different websites. We do all these operations for you, providing full information about your package's whereabouts.

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