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    How do I Know When I Will Receive My Parcel?

    How do I Know When I Will Receive My Parcel?

    You are waiting for a parcel; logically, you want to know precisely when it will be in your hands. If the courier does not provide this information immediately, there may be several reasons for the delay. What do you need to find out first to find out the date of receipt of the parcel?

    • Who is your parcel carrier?
    • Where is your parcel coming from? Which country or city?
    • What type of shipment? Express delivery or regular delivery?

    For answers, you should contact the parcel's sender, a private individual, or an online store (company). But at this stage, you can find some information using our parcel tracking system. We can determine the shipper by the tracking number, and if the parcel tracking has data from where the parcel is going, you can find out the direction of the parcel and its type. To receive tracking information about your parcel, enter the tracking number in the search on our website.

    Go ahead. What does this data tell us? It will help us analyze the entire delivery process and ultimately obtain an approximate date for receiving the parcel. You probably already know that there are postal (state) and commercial couriers, and they all perform one function: delivering parcels on time and without damage. However, there are nuances associated with each type of delivery service.

    Postal Operators

    If your courier is a postal operator, you must know that each post office is responsible for transporting parcels in its own country and transferring them to the recipient's postal service. This means that if you are waiting for a parcel from China and live in the USA, then the parcel is processed by China Post and sent to the USA. USPS will carry out delivery in your country. It should be noted that the tracking number remains the same, without changes. Our system will automatically determine the country of departure and the recipient's country and provide tracking information about the parcel from two postal operators.

    International Logistics Couriers

    If your courier is a commercial organization, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, or other, one company will transport your package. The carrier's local office will handle delivery without changing the tracking number. The parcel may have an additional tracking number responsible for tracking in the recipient's country. The China Post Tracking system will provide all information about the parcel from the company's official website and track it in other Last Mile local carriers associated with the leading company.

    Express Delivery 

    Another important factor in delivery speed is the type of postal item. Typically, each delivery operator has a type of express mail - this is an expedited delivery option. If you have express delivery, you will receive the parcel faster. The difference between express and regular delivery can vary by days, sometimes weeks. Express delivery is carried out by transport aircraft, and regular mail is transported by ships and railways. Now, we will not dwell on which mail is better, express or regular; we need to know that express mail is faster, and that's all.

    Determining the Approximate Delivery Date

    We begin analyzing the input data to obtain the approximate date of receipt of the parcel. We know the courier, the type of shipment, and where the parcel is coming from. It's time to take advantage of our statistical data, which we make freely available to every site user.

    • Find your shipper by name in the Postal and Logistics Couriers section.
    • Look for the Average Delivery Time section at the bottom of the courier description.
    • Find the country where you are waiting for your parcel. Next to the country name, we provide the average number of days of delivery to that country.

    The data you see is average for informational purposes only since we are not a courier and cannot guarantee delivery as an information intermediary. The delivery time may be less than the arithmetic average if you have express delivery. Suppose your parcel has exceeded the waiting period according to our statistical data. In that case, we advise you to contact the sender and carrier directly or go to the help section on our website, where we have detailed the next steps in this case.

    Example of a Real Case

    On March 26, 2024, a user of the Jose website contacted us with a question about his parcel:

    Is everything okay with this tracking number EB809688782CN? When will I receive it?

    According to the tracking data by tracking number from our system, we learned that the parcel was coming from China to Mexico. The final delivery will be handled by Correos De Mexico - the local post office in the country where Jose lives.

    • Departure date: March 4, 2024.
    • Origin Postal Service: China Post.
    • Destination Postal Service: Correos De Mexico.

    Tracking Data for 27 March of 2024:

    • 3/4/2024 - 4:00:00 PM
      • In the international exchange zone. to the destination country before Customs (China)
    • 3/4/2024 - 4:13:00 PM
      • Customer deposit in the country of origin. (China)
    • 3/26/2024 - 8:00:00 AM
      • Arrival at Mexico Exchange Zone, waiting to enter Customs. (Mexico Exchange Office)

    Knowing the first postal operator, we looked for statistical data from the carrier catalog, found China Post there, and, following the instructions above, found the country of Mexico, where Jose lives. On the contrary, we see the number of days it takes for a parcel to travel from China to Mexico, and this value is 33 days. Jose will receive the parcel approximately April 5-10 from the dispatch date.

    After a while, we re-sent the parcel, and in the newly updated data, we already see that it was delivered on April 6, 2024, which corresponds to our forecast.

    • 4/6/2024 - 8:41:00 AM
      • Delivery. (Postal Administration Center Chihuahua, Chih)

    Using our instructions, you can independently determine the approximate date of receipt of the parcel. Don't lose your parcels. Track them on our website!

    Denys Sokolov
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