Package Tracking

    My Package Shows as Delivered, but I Still haven't Received it.

    My Package Shows as Delivered, but I Still haven't Received it.

    There are issues with your parcel. You tracked it in our system, and the status indicates it is already delivered, but you haven't received it. What could this mean, and what actions should be taken to resolve this issue? Let's explore each scenario separately.

    The package is delivered and is in a safe place.

    The courier completes the delivery process. If the delivery is made to your door, the courier should leave the package in a safe place or hand it to you personally. Check near the entrance or ask neighbors; they might have taken the parcel and will give it to you when you are home.

    The package was delivered, but it was stolen.

    The courier delivered your package and has a photo confirming where it was left, but you didn't find it. It might have been stolen. If you have a video camera, review the footage from the delivery time to the package's disappearance. If someone else stole it, contact the police immediately.

    The package has not yet been delivered.

    The carrier might display the package as delivered even if it is still on its way. This could be due to some transport companies marking the package as delivered when it is loaded for final delivery, or it could be a courier's mistake. Wait some time or contact the courier if you have their contact details.

    You've been scammed. Package redirection scam

    This is the most unpleasant situation. We receive many complaints from victims of fraud. After a small investigation, we are ready to share our findings to help protect you in the future.

    We found that most victims bought goods from unverified online stores or through Facebook. All packages were sent from China (China Post) and had a tracking number format XX#########YY, beginning with "A" (e.g., AM245050855CN, AM217341653CN, AT342001671CN). See more on detecting the origin carrier by tracking number. The victims tracked the numbers and were unaware they were awaiting someone else's packages. Meanwhile, as the goods went to the actual recipient, the fraudsters closed their websites and cut off communication with the buyers.

    Note that the fake tracking numbers were for real packages. Some even reached the victim's country. When the actual recipient got the package, it was marked as "DELIVERED" in the parcel tracking system, but the fraud victims did not receive it. We had requests from users waiting for packages with the same number. This was a trick by the sender. Since the packages were real and trackable on the official China Post website, users couldn't initially realize it was a fraud.

    How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers?

    To avoid being scammed, we recommend:

    • Buy goods only from verified online stores;
    • Check the shipment date. Ensure the purchase date matches the package's movement date;
    • Check the destination country. The recipient's country should match your country;
    • Check the dimensions and weight of the package. They should match your purchase (not all carriers provide this information);
    • The online store should be accessible, and the seller should be available.

    If any of these criteria are not met, urgently take the following actions to get your money back and avoid fraud:

    • Contact the platform where you bought the product, complain about the seller, and start the money return process (e.g., Aliexpress);
    • Contact the payment system used for the purchase, report the fraud, and try to cancel the payment (e.g., PayPal, Stripe);
    • Contact your bank, report the fraud, and try to cancel the payment (e.g., Bank of America, Capital One, Citibank).

    We are continuously working to improve our service. We are implementing a feature to alert users about problematic packages frequently monitored from different locations. We believe this feature will help our customers avoid being scammed. Stay vigilant and do not trust unauthorized sites.

    Denys Sokolov
    Hi Everyone. I'm Denys Sokolov am the owner of Logic.Cool, a developer of China Post Tracking project and other online applications and mobile games. Please write me with any suggestions for improving the parcel tracking service.