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    My Parcel is not Tracked. What Should I do?

    My Parcel is not Tracked. What Should I do?

    Are you expecting a parcel that is not being tracked in our service? Let's consider the possible reasons for this.

    Incorrect input

    First of all, pay attention to the tracking number of the parcel. If you entered it manually, you may have mistakenly entered the letter or number incorrectly. Double-check the entered data. If everything is in order, perhaps you have confused similar letters and numbers. For example, the lowercase letter "l" (L) is similar to the number "1" (one), and the uppercase letter "O" is similar to "0" (zero). Check these letters and numbers for the parcel and try to track the parcel again.

    Incorrect tracking number

    Contact the sender. They might have given you the wrong number. Request a copy of the official document or receipt confirming the shipment.

    Recently sent parcel, data not yet available

    If the parcel was sent recently, some transport companies may enter it into their system with some delay. Wait a while and try to track again.

    Old parcel, data no longer available

    If the parcel is quite old, information about it may have been removed from the transport companies' databases as it is considered irrelevant. If in doubt, try tracking the parcel on the carrier's website.

    Courier is not recognized by tracking number

    We may not have recognized the carrier by the tracking number. Try to choose from the suggested companies the one that handled the delivery of your parcel. If your transport company is not on the list, contact us and provide the tracking number and the carrier's website, and we will try to add it to our service as soon as possible.

    Could not receive data from the courier

    Transport companies may change the design of their website or encounter technical problems. In this case, we cannot provide information about your parcel. Try tracking it on the official carrier's website. If everything is in order, the problem is most likely on our side. If you can report this problem to us, we appreciate your help and will try to fix the malfunction as soon as possible.

    If you can not track the parcel on our website, we recommend using the official transport company website to determine where the problem occurred accurately. We monitor all carriers in our catalog daily, and if we discover any tracking problems, we try to fix them within a day. Thank you for choosing our service!

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