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    What is the Parcel Tracking Number?

    What is the Parcel Tracking Number?

    What is a tracking number, and how do you eat it? Of course, it's a joke. But seriously, a tracking number is an important identifier for your parcels, which you can use to find and track. Let's delve deeper into this topic, as this information may be useful in case of delivery issues. 

    As we've mentioned, a tracking number is a unique code for your parcel provided by the carrier at the beginning of the shipment. With this number, you can get complete information about the parcel, including the following data:

    • Registration time;
    • Status;
    • Parcel movement history;
    • Sender's country;
    • Recipient's country;
    • Courier contact;
    • Estimated arrival time to the recipient;
    • Instructions (for receiving or customs);
    • Additional tracking number.

    A tracking number is a combination of letters and numbers arranged in a specific order. Postal services, for example, use the UPU S10 format for international tracking numbers. This standard contains hidden information. The number can be used to determine the type of parcel and the country of departure. Two parcels shouldn't have the same number. Tracking numbers can be reused after a significant period. Private transport companies use formats according to their internal standards. Thanks to carriers' use of individual formats, we can identify the carrier by the tracking number. 

    Is it safe to give the tracking number to third parties?

    Yes, it's safe. A tracking number is just an identifier that allows you to get publicly available data about the parcel movement. You can share the tracking number with third parties without fearing the tracking data will contain the recipient or sender's contact details or other personal information. You can't get the parcel with the tracking number at the post office. The parcel is linked to the recipient by his data:

    • Phone.
    • Address.
    • Full name.

    You can be sure that third parties, even with the tracking number, will not be able to receive the parcel instead of you, change the delivery address, or perform other manipulations with it.

    What should I do with the tracking number if I have received the parcel?

    The parcel has gone through all transport stages from the sender to you. The tracking number no longer matters; you can easily eliminate it - it's now outdated information. The carrier provides tracking information using your number for some time, but over time, the data about your parcel is archived and disappears from the carrier’s official website.

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