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    What Transport Companies Exist, And How do They Differ?

    What Transport Companies Exist, And How do They Differ?

    A carrier is a company that transports parcels from the sender to the recipient. What do you need to know about carriers? What stages does an international package go through? How do you track a package during its journey? This help section will try to answer these main questions.

    There are two main types of transport companies:

    • Postal Operators.
    • Logistics Companies.

    Both categories perform the same function - mail delivery, but the delivery chains within each differ. Let's discuss each type separately.

    Postal Operators

    Postal Operators are a global system of government enterprises with a monopoly position in postal transport within the country. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is an intergovernmental organization created to ensure and improve postal communications in a single postal territory. The Union also sets tariffs for international postal communication and transit costs and resolves disputes between its members. The union includes 192 countries; for example, the postal service in the United States is USPS; in the United Kingdom, Royal Mail Group; in Canada - Canada Post, and they are all members of the UPU.

    Postal shipments are not delivered by one company - it's a joint work of many carriers, each responsible for delivery on its route section. This has its advantages, as each is responsible for their part of the work, but at the same time, it is a disadvantage because there can be communication errors. The ordinary user has to spend a long time figuring out who is responsible for the package or who to contact to solve the problem.

    The traditional chain of international parcels of postal services consists of the following stages:

    • Origin carrier;
    • Air cargo forwarder;
    • Air cargo carrier;
    • Customer broker;
    • Destination carrier;
    • Third-party carrier;
    • Delivery to end customer.

    It is important to note that the sender and the recipient are our postal services. As you can see, the delivery of your international package involves the work of many independent carriers. The delivery efficiency depends on all involved services' coordinated and synchronous work.

    Logistics Companies

    Logistic companies are commercial organizations that deliver mail from the sender to the recipient, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, and others. How are they different from postal services? The main difference between postal services is that the company along the shipment route is responsible for the package.

    The chain of an international parcel of international carriers:

    • Pick up the shipment;
    • Consolidate shipment;
    • Air freight;
    • Clear customs;
    • Deconsolidation shipment;
    • Package transportation;
    • Delivery to end customer.

    Logistics companies and postal services compete in international shipments. Each transport company strives to improve its service and make delivery more accessible, which is beneficial for the end user - that is, for us. However, with the variety of carriers, you can easily get confused. Our universal parcel tracker comes to your aid. You can track all major carriers on our site, rate the carriers, and manage your packages in one place.

    Tracking a parcel. Differences between transport companies

    What happens to your package at the beginning? The transport company registers your package, assigning it an identifier - a tracking number. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, we have described the tracking number in detail in the help section. You can track the package on the carrier's official website with this number.

    Postal services performing international shipments, as we have already mentioned, are the sender and recipient. The postal services of the sender (origin carrier) and recipient (destination carrier) are different companies, sharing responsibility for the package only in their country. The tracking number does not change during delivery. For example, if you are expecting a package from China to the USA, tracking is available on the official websites of China Post and USPS with the same tracking number. Our tracking system automatically determines where the package is coming from and where it is going. We simultaneously track the package in the sender's and recipient's countries. This is very convenient, as you do not have to search for different sites and track them; all this can be done with our parcel tracker.

    Private carriers send international packages from their branch in one country to a branch in another country. The package is under the control of one company. If you send documents to another country using DHL, you probably know the recipient will be delivered by his local DHL service. That's how it works. You can track the package on the carrier's website. An additional tracking number may appear in the tracking data. This means that the main carrier has handed over the package to a courier specializing in local delivery. This is a common practice, as each company strives to simplify and optimize the transportation process. China Post Tracking also tracks such parcels; we identify additional tracking numbers and provide all extended information from these carriers.

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