Package Tracking

    Online Marketplaces

    If you make online purchases, choosing online stores with an impeccable reputation is important. Most of those who became victims of fraud usually made purchases in unverified places, attracted by the low price of the goods, and lost their vigilance, falling into the hands of scammers. Our mission is to protect buyers and promptly warn them about possible problems. We have developed and integrated a fraud detection system into our parcel tracker. Now, if you purchased in an unverified online store and have problems with the parcel (tracking from different IPs, countries, or abnormally frequent tracking), we will warn you about this.

    When shopping online, it's important to be confident that the store will send you a quality product and that you will receive it within the set deadlines. For this, we have prepared a list of verified online stores where you can purchase without worrying about being deceived.

    Denys Sokolov
    Hi Everyone. I'm Denys Sokolov am the owner of Logic.Cool, a developer of China Post Tracking project and other online applications and mobile games. Please write me with any suggestions for improving the parcel tracking service.