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    Amazon FAQ

    Amazon in my country

    Amazon is the largest online marketplace, holding more than 30% of the share among retail e-commerce companies in the US. This means that every third product in the US is purchased through Amazon. However, Amazon is actively expanding its network of online stores beyond the US:

    Each store is opened according to demand in the region and serves a large territory, including neighboring countries. For many buyers, Amazon's main advantage is the ability to purchase a product with a few clicks and receive it quickly and without any problems.

    Amazon delivery: How long will you have to wait for the product?

    Amazon offers two delivery options - paid and fast or free. If you have a Prime subscription, you automatically get free expedited delivery. Usually, when you purchase a product from a local seller in a regional store, delivery times can vary by a few days. Free shipping usually takes five to eight days. It should be noted that weekends and holidays are not included in the estimated time. For international orders, the delivery time increases depending on the destination country and the type of carrier. International orders may face additional delays; for example, customs may take longer than usual, and local holidays in the country of dispatch may also affect the shipping times.

    Amazon automatically calculates the estimated product receipt date depending on your address at the time of purchase. However, this date may be inaccurate due to possible logistical delays or unforeseen circumstances, about which Amazon will notify you in advance.

    On the Amazon site, in the "Your Orders" section, you can track the status of your parcel, find out where it is, and get additional information. It's very convenient to see the delivery process of all orders in one place. Our parcel tracking system offers a similar service, where orders can be marked from Amazon and other online platforms.

    Problems with Amazon packages.

    Although any company strives to perfect its processes, problems may arise sometimes. A failure to purchase or deliver goods can occur even in an authoritative online marketplace like Amazon. Here are some of them:

    • The product was not delivered
    • The delivered product is damaged (not working)
    • The product does not match the description (quality, functions)
    • The product was delivered incomplete
    • The wrong product was delivered

    Amazon is a platform for sellers; some may provide low-quality goods or services. Amazon's task is to control its work by setting strict quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with the received product, you have the right to return it with a full refund of the cost. If you have encountered one of the above problems with the package, you need to:

    1. Go to the list of your purchases;
    2. Select the problematic product;
    3. Request help or contact the seller;
    4. Request a return of the goods (if the return time has not yet expired).

    If the problem is not solved, you can contact the support operator, chat online, and find a solution. Or call the hotline. Please note that contact phone numbers or methods of communication may differ in different countries.

    In which Amazon store should I buy goods?

    If there is a local Amazon store in your country, we recommend shopping there. After all, the local Amazon store is oriented towards the local consumer, and the delivery process is organized, considering local warehouses and carriers, which guarantees fast delivery. It is important to note that a user account is common for all stores so that you can select and order goods from different stores. However, it is necessary to ensure that the delivery of the goods is possible to your country. Keep in mind that international delivery will be more expensive and take longer. Therefore, it is cheaper and faster to purchase goods from local sellers. If you plan to buy electronic goods, remember that the standards of electronic devices can vary in different countries. By purchasing goods in the local Amazon store, you can be sure that the product is certified for your country.

    What is PRIME?

    Prime is a subscription to Amazon services, including:

    • Free, fast delivery (Same-Day, One-Day, and Two-Day);
    • Exclusive offers on goods (Discount up to 10%);
    • Delivery of all goods purchased in a week, in one day;
    • Subscription to Prime Music;
    • Subscription to Prime TV;
    • Subscription to Prime Games;
    • Subscription to Prime Reading;
    • Unlimited storage of photos in Amazon Photo Storage.

    Amazon has combined almost all its services into one subscription, which has made Prime very popular in the US. After all, watching your favorite series, listening to music, and receiving purchased goods on the same day is convenient. We advise you to subscribe if you make purchases several times a month, as the subscription cost pays off if you order fast delivery. Plus, you will have the opportunity to use other Amazon services, which is a big bonus. You can learn more about Prime and its cost on the official Amazon website.

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