Package Tracking

    Track & Trace Parcels

    You are expecting a parcel delivery, and the sender has provided you with a tracking number from the transport company. You can check the status and location of the package on the carrier's official website. However, if you only have a tracking number and do not know who the carrier is, our mail tracking system will come to your aid. The China Post Track recognizes the format of your tracking number and accurately identifies the carrier to provide information about your package. We simultaneously search all related transport companies and provide a complete picture of the package's movement from the sender to you.

    Why is it important to track your international parcel?

    The reasons are clear. You need to be aware of what is happening with it, as there may be situations that require your intervention, such as:

    • The courier could not find your address;
    • The courier could not contact you;
    • It is necessary to pay a customs fee;
    • Transport of prohibited items;
    • Force majeure;
    • The package is lost;
    • The package is damaged;

    Let's consider a real case of our client, Mike. He was expecting a parcel from Germany and did not know who the carrier was. Mike only had a tracking number. We tracked the package in our system and found that the package was detained at customs, and the recipient was expected to pay customs duties, of which he was unaware. If he had not paid the customs fee, the goods would have been sent back or disposed of. It would have been unpleasant if this had happened, so staying informed about what's happening with your package is important. Track your packages in our system and get full delivery information.

    What are the advantages of China Post Track

    • Automatic identification of courier by tracking number;
    • We support tracking of all major postal and logistics couriers;
    • Unlimited parcel manager. We store all your tracking numbers for easy access;
    • Translation of tracking data into many languages;
    • It is possible to track a parcel from several carriers simultaneously.

    If you have problems with your package, it is not tracked, or you did not receive it, you can check out our help section, where we have collected useful information in one place.

    Denys Sokolov
    Hi Everyone. I'm Denys Sokolov am the owner of Logic.Cool, a developer of China Post Track project and other online applications and mobile games. Please write me with any suggestions for improving the parcel tracking service.