Package Tracking

    China Post Tracking. Track & Trace Parcel

    China Post, the official postal service of the People's Republic of China, offers efficient domestic and international mail delivery services. It's steadily growing its network of global strategic partners to ensure seamless distribution of mail loads.

    China Post's primary clientele includes small shops operating on global trading platforms like AliExpress, eBay, and TaoBao. It offers a variety of shipping methods, including Ocean, Air, and Land. China Post's postal items are categorized into trackable (China Post Registered Air Mail) and non-trackable (China Post Unregistered) items. As one of the busiest postal services globally, international delivery times can vary between one week to several months.

    Parcels can be tracked 1-3 days after registering their identifier with China Post. So that you know, stores often issue tracking codes immediately but send packages to the post office a few days later as part of a larger shipment.

    Effortless Tracking of China Post Parcels in English

    Our service enables you to swiftly and efficiently track your mail in English. China Post Tracking offers real-time tracking of all carriers involved in your parcel's delivery, providing accurate information about its location.

    Please track your parcel from the sender's post office to its final destination with comprehensive status updates at every journey stage. Our site offers:

    • An intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • Package tracking without registration
    • Unlimited package tracking
    • Auto-detection of carriers by tracking code
    • Adding and removing a carrier for a parcel
    • Auto-translation of tracking status into more than 80+ languages

    China Post EMS EUB (ePacket): Rapid Shipping from China to the USA

    The China Post EMS (Express Mail Service) is an international mail service and is among the fastest courier services in China. Despite being pricier, China Post EMS justifies its cost with quick delivery times and reliability.

    Tracking for China Post EMS packages is available throughout the delivery process. The China Post EUB or eBay ePacket is a cost-effective and convenient delivery method for packages weighing up to two kilograms. This service is exclusively for buying and shipping goods from eBay.

    How can I track parcels using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus?

    China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is a service for small parcels weighing up to 2kg. This type of shipment is generally carried out by air, and the parcel price is at most $5. China Post offers tracking services for these packages within China, but some state postal services and international carriers cooperating with China Post can extend tracking until delivery.

    Delivery times typically range from two to five weeks, extending up to 60 days during peak season. You can track China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus packages on our website - China Post Tracking. However, remember that these shipments often need to gain trackability once they leave China. This is indicated by the letter 'U' (Unregistered) in your package's tracking code.

    Understanding China Post Registered Air Mail

    China Post Registered Air Mail is a popular, convenient, and reliable service for small parcels weighing up to two kilograms. This service is delivered to about 180+ countries via air. It has gained popularity among large trading companies due to its proven global reliability and convenience. Parcels sent by this service can be tracked from dispatch to delivery.

    The average delivery time ranges from 3 to 6 weeks. If you're lucky and it's a busy season, your package can arrive in two weeks. Notably, some major trading platforms, such as AliExpress, offer a refund for China Post items that have yet to arrive within 60 days.

    Items Prohibited in China Post Registered Air Mail

    • Toys resembling firearms, cold weapons, and bullets.
    • Portable electronic devices containing batteries, such as tablets, laptops, players, mobile phones, electronic cigarettes, etc.
    • Cosmetics are not accepted.
    • Sending food or beverages is prohibited.

    Physical restrictions also apply to shipments sent via China Post Registered Air Mail. The maximum parcel dimensions should not exceed 60cm, with a minimum length and width of 14x9 cm.

    What to Do When a Shipment from China is No Longer Trackable?

    Parcel tracking issues may arise due to:

    • The parcel has not yet been registered with the postal service. Wait two or three days and try tracking again.
    • Incorrect tracking number provided by the sender. Contact the sender/seller to get the correct tracking code.
    • The parcel was sent using a low-cost delivery service; tracking is limited to within China. Choose tracking-enabled services for future shipments.
    • The parcel number was registered, but the post office did not receive the parcel itself. Confirm the delivery schedule with your seller/store and wait accordingly.
    • The parcel is delayed at customs. Contact your seller and local customs office.
    • The parcel is lost. Contact the sender for further action. You are likely to be repaid.

    Incorrect Parcel Address: What to Do? Can China Post Change My Address?

    If an incorrect delivery address is specified when ordering, it's crucial to note that China Post cannot change it. The delivery address can only be changed if the Post Office hasn't sent the parcel and is still with the seller. Please get in touch with the seller to request an address change in such cases.

    If the package is sent to the wrong address:

    • If the address exists, the parcel will be delivered there.
    • If such an address does not exist, the recipient country's mail service will return it to China. China Post will return it to the sender if their details are available.

    Return delivery is often impractical due to the high cost, and the sender may refuse to accept the returned package.

    If you have moved and the package arrives at your old address, you may need to go ahead and arrange for its collection. However, some countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia offer parcel forwarding services, enabling all future mail to be redirected to your new address.