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    China Post Tracking. Track & Trace Parcel

    China Post is the national post service of the People's Republic of China. The organization provides services for the delivery of various mailings, both within China and in international directions.

    China Post is constantly developing, increasing the number of international strategic partners, and this allows more efficient distribution of mail loads.

    The main customers of China Post are small shops located on the trading platforms of such Internet giants as AliExpress, eBay, TaoBao, and others.

    China Post uses a variety of shipping methods: Water, Air, and Land transportation. There are two types of postal items: trackable, called China Post Registered Air Mail, and untrackable, called China Post Unregistered. China Post is considered to be one of the busiest postal services in the world, so delivery times to international destinations may vary from one week to several months.

    The package could be tracked in 1-3 days after registering its identifier at China Post. The stores usually issue track codes at once, but send a package to the post a few days later, along with a large shipment.

    How to Track China Post Parcels in English?

    Using our service, you can always quickly and easily track the movement of your mail in English. China Post Tracking simultaneously tracks the movement of all carriers involved in the delivery of the parcel and provides accurate information about the location of your shipment.

    You can track a parcel from the post office of the sender to its final destination, as well as see all information on the status of the parcel at each stage of movement in English.

    Advantages of our site:

    • intuitive and user-friendly interface;
    • package tracking without registration;
    • unlimited packages;
    • auto-detection of carriers by tracking code (tracking number);
    • adding and removing a carrier for a parcel;
    • auto-translate a tracking status (more than 80 languages).

    Fast Shipping from China to the USA or what is China Post EMS EUB (ePacket)?

    China Post EMS (Express Mail Service) is an international mail service, one of the fastest courier services in China. China Post EMS is not a cheap delivery method, but it is justified by the fast delivery times and reliability.

    The tracking of China Post EMS packages is supported along the entire route, from the start to the arrival of the shipment. China Post EUB or Ebay ePacket is a reasonably economical and convenient way of delivering packages with a weight not exceeding two kilograms. This delivery service is intended only for buying and sending goods from eBay.

    How to Track Parcel by China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus?

    China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is a small parcel weighing up to two kilograms. International delivery of China Post Ordinary Small Packet is carried out mainly by air, and the parcel price for this type of shipment does not exceed $5. For Ordinary Small Packet Plus packages, China post provides tracking services only on the territory of China, but some state postal services and international carriers that cooperate with China Post can track the parcel until it is received by the addressee.

    The usual delivery time is from two to five weeks, but during the season with the peak load of the mail carrier, the shipment can take up to 60 days.

    China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus packages can be tracked from our website - China Post Tracking. However, you should not forget that this type of shipment after crossing the border with China is often not tracked. This is indicated by the letter "U" (Unregistered) in the tracking code of your package. Examples of tracking codes: are UT000000000CN, UP000000000CN, and others.

    What is China Post Registered Air Mail?

    China Post Registered Air Mail is one of the most popular, convenient, and reliable types of delivery of small parcels with a weight not exceeding two kilograms. Such small packages are delivered worldwide (about 180+ countries) by Air.

    China Post Registered Air Mail has become popular among many large trading companies because it has successfully established itself around the world as a very reliable and convenient way to deliver parcels. Parcels sent by this type of postal delivery are practically not lost. The main convenience is that it is possible to track the entire path of movement of your parcel - from the start of departure to the moment of arrival.

    The average time for which a parcel reaches the addressee is 3 to 6 weeks. At best, and provided that it is a busy time (season), your package can arrive in just two weeks.

    Some major trading platforms, such as AliExpress, guarantee a refund for China Post items that have not arrived within 60 days.

    What products can't be sent using China Post Registered Air Mail?

    • Toys that look like firearms or cold weapons, as well as bullets to them.
    • Any portable electronic devices containing batteries, for example, tablets, laptops, players, mobile phones, electronic cigarettes, etc.
    • Any products from the category "cosmetics" are also not accepted.
    • It is forbidden to send any food or beverages.

    There are also physical restrictions on the size of shipments sent via China Post Registered Air Mail. The maximum dimensions of the parcel should not exceed 60 centimeters, with the minimum dimensions of length and width - of 14x9cm.

     What Should I do if a Shipment from China is no Longer Tracked?

    There may be problems in tracking a parcel if:

    • the parcel is not yet registered with the postal service.
      Solution: to wait two or three days and try to track it again;
    • the sender made a mistake and gave you an incorrect tracking number.
      Solution: contact the sender/seller and specify the correct tracking code for your package;
    • the parcel was sent using a low-cost delivery service (“China Post Unregistered” or “China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus”), in this case, the parcel will be tracked only within China.
      Solution: In the future, send parcels in other ways that involve tracking the entire route of the parcel;
    • the parcel number was registered, but the post office did not receive the parcel itself (the seller did not deliver the parcel to the post office, but only reserved a virtual number in the system).
      Solution: check with your seller/store - when it is going to transport your package to the post office and depending on the answer wait 2-3 days to 2 weeks;
    • the parcel is delayed at customs.
      Solution: Contact your seller (sender), and then your local customs office. If you have not received the notification from Customs, you can check the information by phone;
    • the parcel is lost.
      Solution: contact the sender of the parcel and learn about further actions. In most cases, you will not incur losses.

    What Should I do if my Parcel Address is Incorrect? Can China Post Change my Address?

    Sometimes it happens that an incorrect delivery address is specified when ordering. This happens either simply by mistake, or when there was no error, but you need to change the delivery address to another one due to relocation or other reasons.

    China Post can not change the address. Changing the delivery address is only possible if the parcel has not yet been sent by Post Office, but is still physically in the seller's possession. For this purpose, contact the seller and ask for changes in the address.

    What happens if the package goes to the wrong address?

    • If the address exists, the parcel will reach the address.
    • If such an address does not physically exist, then the mail from the recipient country will simply return to China. After returning a package, China Post will return it to its sender if its details are indicated in the mail.

    It is important to understand that in some cases return delivery is not practical because of the high price. So the sender will simply refuse to return the package.

    If you have moved to a new place of residence and the package has arrived at the old address (as you ordered), you will probably have to follow it yourself or ask someone to collect it for you.

    But in some countries, such as the USA, Canada, and Australia, postal services provide parcel forwarding services. If you request this service, all future incoming mail will be sent to your new address.